No matter what your vision is for your landscape, it is essential that you bring in an expert crew to ensure aesthetic beauty, stunning designs, and flawless results. The team at Planterra Landscapes has been in business for years and looks forward to helping every customer improve their landscape from traditional services to gazebo design for backyards. We offer comprehensive services for your needs from stone patios to planting trees because they are convenient and completed with quality, and here we want to go over a few other services that many find value in.

Garden Structure Ideas and Installation

We have in-depth experience designing and installing a pergola structure that will add shade and aesthetics to your landscape. We have a variety of small pergola ideas that we can share with you, and we always listen to your vision to ensure we install the ideal design for your needs. We will take the time to look at your landscape and then find the pergola designs that is the right size and made with the most durable materials.

We do not just want to bring garden structure ideas to the table, but we want to ensure they are installed with integrity and complete attention to detail. While we will start the process by discussing garden pergola design ideas, we will also guide you through pricing because we know that you will have a specific budget when it comes to garden structures.

Landscape Lighting Ideas and Installation

Landscape lighting is the ideal way to add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space, and it is also an excellent way to ensure that the area is safe. Having pathways well-lit and being able to see as you walk through gardens and lawns will be appreciated by guests as much as those living or working on the property.

Beyond choosing a landscape lighting design for safety and to add beauty to your space, you will find that you can also highlight some of your favorite outdoor features. You can invest in landscape lighting for trees for special moments like the holidays or summer parties. Our crew is here to help you find your ideal lighting for every day, and we welcome you to reach out to learn more!